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Foundation fund holders may recommend how their fund is invested among several investment strategies at the time the fund is established.  An investment committee comprised of volunteer leaders from the community meets quarterly to monitor investment performance and to oversee the investment strategies for its assets. We are currently served by SEI for our investments.

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Asset Allocation Models

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Information about the effect of the CARES Act on RMDs and QCDs requirements and strategy can be found here.

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Since 1968, SEI has been a leader in the investment services industry, recognized for its history of innovation. Throughout this nearly 50-year history, their mission has remained constant: to help clients achieve continued success by developing consistently relevant solutions delivered through an outstanding client experience. Many of their solutions are unique, combining advice, investments, technology, and operations into comprehensive solutions designed to help professional wealth managers improve their business success; institutional investors make better financial decisions; and private clients achieve their life and wealth goals. Click here for more information about SEI.

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  • SEI Commentary & Perspective on COVID-19

    As your OCIO, you count on us to provide up-to-date information and our latest perspectives, especially during uncertain times that can significantly impact the markets. This page features the latest commentaries from our Investment Management Unit (IMU) experts, webcasts, market perspectives and more to keep you informed about our positioning and outlook during these challenging times. We update the site frequently, so keep checking for new information!

Equity Hot Streak Barreled into Late Summer. Strong equity-market returns continued in August, led by Hong Kong, Japan and the U.S.

  • U.S. Dollars Takes a Dip

    Global equities were reinvigorated with a “risk-on” rally in July as the U.S. dollar experienced its largest one-month drop versus a basket of major currencies since September 2010. Treasury rates declined across all maturities.