Types of Funds


The Foundation offers a variety of ways for donors to support their favorite charitable organizations. Below are the following types of fund options we currently offer:

A Donor advised fund is a personal charitable giving account that allows you to easily and efficiently support all of your favorite causes. By organizing your charitable giving through one source, you avoid writing separate checks to multiple organizations and eliminate cumbersome record keeping. You can simply focus on the joy of giving. You can name your children, grandchildren, or others as successor advisors to your Fund. Successor advisors have the privilege of managing your Fund after your death and carrying on your philanthropic values and traditions.




An Endowment fund is a financial asset, typically held by a non-profit organization, which contains the capital investments and related earning. This is an investment made on behalf of a nonprofit that uses the earnings from the investment to fund nonprofit missions, scholarships, and other needs of the nonprofit community. With an endowment, you are creating a permanent charitable legacy which creates financial security for our community in perpetuity.











Through Mel and Debbie Gottlieb’s generosity, the Jacksonville B’nai Tzedek program started in 1999. This program concentrates on young adults ages 13-45 by developing young leaders and empowering our next generation to view themselves, even in their youth, as strategic philanthropists. B’nai Tzedek redefines Jewish philanthropy by showing young adults that they, too, can change the world through a personal and engaged relationship to lifelong giving. Participants learn about modern philanthropy and apply their knowledge by making heartfelt grants to the organizations and causes they care about within the Jewish community. The B’nai Tzedek Youth Philanthropy Program helps young people learn about leadership, service, financial literacy, and long-term investing to use their funds for good—now and in the future.


Already have a fund?


Use the quick links below to help you with your needs. For all stock, wire and ACH transfer instructions, please click the Fuel Your Fund icon. 

Information regarding the "The Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement Act of 2019" (SECURE Act) and how it can effect your estate plan can be found HERE.

Open a Fund


If you are interested in opening a fund, please call or email Kellie Smith at 904.512.3796 or kelliek@jewishjacksonville.org to schedule a confidential, no obligation consultation today.

Information about the effect of the CARES Act on RMDs and QCDs requirements and strategy can be found HERE.