The Jewish Federation’s Shalom Jacksonville is the official Jewish welcome wagon of Northeast Florida. The program’s reach extends from Amelia Island to Jacksonville to St. Augustine and all points in between. 


Our mission is to reach out to newcomers and anyone newly-interested in Jewish life. Shalom Jax’s goal is to engage our new friends, help them navigate the community and connect them to our Jewish agencies, synagogues, schools and groups that are most meaningful to them.


How we make a difference


Our monthly Jewish Javas and public programs are casual, interesting and offer opportunities for newcomers to meet other newcomers and friendly locals. In addition, gatherings at private homes in different areas in Northeast Florida provide the perfect setting for newcomers to meet their new neighbors.

We also offer a personal touch. Shalom Jacksonville volunteer ambassadors are out in the community personally welcoming, calling, guiding, and educating the newest among us. We are proud of the many long-lasting relationships that have been created through Shalom Jacksonville. Please check out our Virtual Programs to be viewed in the comfort of your own home!

"Growing the Jewish community has always been my life’s mission. I love connecting people."

– Isabel Balotin, Shalom Jacksonville Director

Contact Isabel at 904-224-1408 or

Upcoming Java Events

Stay tuned for more events via zoom!

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Sept. Jewish Java

September 25, 2019

March Jewish Java

March 6, 2019

January Jewish Java

January 2, 2019

April Jewish Java

April 3, 2019

February Jewish Java

February 6, 2019

December Jewish Java

December 5, 2018