Shalom Jacksonville Director


The screening of 'Welcome to Kutsher’s became a catalyst for friends, relatives and former hotel co-workers to meet again.  Marcy Appelbaum Reindl  met cousins and other friends from Monticello and her story is below.
            Two very exciting things happened when I went to see the awesome "Welcome to Kutshers" movie with a Catskills group. Before the movie, it was announced that I was connected to Dubin's Bungalows. A couple sitting beside me became so excited and said they knew of Dubin's since they were from Monticello. They were Dave and Kit Wagner from Monticello, NY. (who are newcomers residing at The Coves and I went to school with their children. After the movie a woman came up to me and asked if I was related to Aaron Dubin and I said, that he was in fact my grandfather. She said her grandfather was Itzik Dubin, Aaron's Dubin’s first cousin. With this being said, I have had cousins in Jacksonville for the past 12 years and did not even know it. The photo is of my newly acquainted cousin Irene and me with a photo of the Dubin's Bungalow pool. . Everyone  enjoyed the movie and I got to travel down memory lane at Kutsher’s ice rink where I had taken with Celia Duffy. 
Wanting to share her excitement and experience, Marcy posted the story and photo on Facebook. This is what happened.
            I posted the photo and meeting by chance on Facebook. My uncle Larry Dubin upon reading the post  commented with some memories of his own. He said, "What an incredible meeting. Dave Wagner and I were buddies in our teen years. His Dad was the plumber who installed the plumbing in many of the bungalows at Dubin's.  Dave also looked after the chickens on the farm. Their place adjoined Heller's Farm. Itzik had a rooming house across from the big hotel on Sackett Lake. All their family spent many summers there."
            Then my uncle Larry started a conversation with Dave Wagner’s son, Neil.

            "Nice hearing from you. I am 82 living in Florida. Your Dad and I had some wonderful experiences. Parties in the barn going to Camp Mahogee nearby on Silver Lake to meet some girls, hunting in the woods behind the house, feeding the chickens ,etc., then off to college and gone. I remember your aunt Grace. Is she still as attractive as I remember? I hope they are still around and thriving."
            Experiences like these are very common at our Catskills events and I’m looking forward to our second screening of “Welcome to Kutsher’s” on Sunday, August 2 at 1:30 p.m. at River Garden. Surely, some more Catskills connections will be made.