Super & Thank You Sunday a super success, with more than $160K raised in one day


Federation Campaign Chair


          Following one of the most successful Super Sunday & Thank You phone-a-thons in recent years, the Federation's sights are now set on the remainder of the 2016 campaign. This year's event was sponsored by Gary and Nancy Perlman and chaired by Shylie Bannon as part of the rGEN leadership team. 
          Currently, the 2016 campaign stands at $1,512,000 and on Feb. 7th, the Federation received nearly 300 contributions, bringing in approximately $160,000 to its total campaign. All of those who answered the call on Super & Thank You Sunday and those who made them are graciously acknowledged on page two of this month's newspaper.

          While the campaign is doing well thus far, the Federation still has a lot of work to do to ensure a successful completion to this year's drive as there's $1,192,000 currently outstanding from 450 donors in 2015. Beginning in the fall, the Jacksonville Jewish News started sharing with the community the significant unmet needs of the Federation's local and overseas partner agencies. The local needs alone total in excess of $300,000.  A few examples include more than 20 holocaust survivors living close to or below the poverty line, which JFCS reports, as well as River Garden Hebrew Home addressing the challenges of an aging population requiring home care. Internationally, in the Ukraine, during the midst of the horrific conditions brought on by years of unrest, there are thousands of elderly Jews who desperately need care.
          With the above listed unmet needs in mind, the Federation is urging everyone to make their gifts to the 2016 campaign at this time.  With your continued support, increased funding will be able to be provided to major local and overseas partners once allocations begin in the spring. Those who have not already made their gifts can do so by calling the Federation at 904-448-5000 or online at Thank you for living generously!