River Garden celebrates national rehabilitation week


By Bobbie Jo Mentz
Director, River Garden Rehab


            The Rehab & Therapy Center at River Garden is pleased to celebrate National Rehabilitation Week, Sept. 20-26. Since 1976, the third week in September has been saved for this annual celebration across the United States. This observance aims to promotes the value of rehabilitation, and highlights the capabilities of people with disabilities, while saluting the professionals who provide services to this community. It also goes a long way in renewing our commitment to meet the needs of people with disabilities in our community. This is because rehabilitation helps minimize physical or cognitive disabilities and restore those affected by potentially incapacitating diseases or traumatic injuries to health and productivity.

            During the week, special focus will be given to the powers and possibilities of rehabilitation, as well as saluting the determination of people with disabilities and applauding the efforts of rehabilitation professionals, while renewing our commitment to fulfilling the unmet needs of people with disabilities. Some of the activities that are planned for the seven day stretch include a wheelchair and walker tune up clinic, memory activities, balance assessments and adaptive equipment training.

            The Rehab team at River Garden treats patients with functional limitations in mobility, self-care, and communication. These limitations can be a result of any number of medical conditions including: stroke, brain injury, cardiopulmonary dysfunction, amputation, fractures of the femur or hip, hip replacement, and neurological disorders. An individual program is created for each patient by the rehabilitation team. The team includes a staff of physicians and nurses, physical and occupational therapists, speech language pathologists, a social worker, and of course, the patient. Family members are also an integral part of the team. They participate in education, therapy, and preparing for the patient’s return home.

            Recovering from a serious illness or injury can be one of the greatest challenges a person can face but physical rehabilitation helps patients resume healthy, happy, and productive lifestyles. Maximum functional independence is the treatment goal for each patient. For more information, please call River Garden Rehab at 904-886-8454.