New Jewish cemetery opens on Jacksonville’s Southside


By Chabad Lubavitch of Northeast Fla.



A new option for Jewish burials is now available to Jacksonville’s Jewish Community as Chabad, together with Hardage-Giddens announces the opening of ‘Sha-rei Shamayim Gardens’ at the Greenlawn Cemetery. Conveniently located on Jacksonville's Southside, Sha-arei Shamayim Gardens is surrounded by beauty. Nestled between two nature reserves and canopied by towering oak trees, the Garden is a place of true rest and tranquility. Away from the rush of traffic, the sounds of the wind rustling through the leaves above and the occasional chirp of a canary can be heard.

In accordance with the highest religious standards, the new section is exclusively for members of the Jewish Faith and strictly adheres to the many Halachik (Jewish Law) requirements that Jewish Communities have observed for millennia. Chabad Lubavitch was brought to the First Coast in 1992, by Rabbi Yoseph and Rivkie Kahanov and has since grown by leaps and bounds now boasting six Centers in the greater Jacksonville area. From the Ganeinu preschool at Chabad of Southside, to the JLI Adult Education Services at the Beaches and Fleming Island and the Shabbat services and dinners offered across town, Chabad provides critical services to the Jacksonville Jewish community, to the affiliated as well as the unaffiliated, creating a need for Kosher burial opportunities.

                ‘Sha-arei Shamayim’ is Hebrew for ‘Gates of Heaven’, and this name was selected because it so aptly reflects the Jewish belief in an afterlife where souls bask in the light of G-d and it conveys the profound wish of each family that their loved ones indeed merit ‘a lichtige gan eden’ (Yiddish for a Bright Heaven). “We are very pleased with the positive response we have already received for this new development,” said Rabbi Yoseph Kahanov. “The close proximity to the Jewish community and the pristinely kept grounds really appealed to the community,” he added. To inquire about purchasing a plot, please contact your local Chabad center.