Like father, like daughter as Federation becomes a family tradition for the Zimmermans


By Jewish Federation of Jacksonville


                If you were to look at our Jewish community’s great leaders, you’ll notice that many of them come from families who have continued to support and lead our synagogues and agencies from generation to generation.  In this particular case, with Federation President Sandy Zimmerman and his daughter, the introduction into Jewish communal leadership started at a very young age.
                Recently, the Jewish Federation of Jacksonville honored Bolles freshman, Brooke Zimmerman, as its nominee for the Martin Luther King Jr. 'Tomorrow’s Leaders' program, hosted by the City of Jacksonville.  Brooke’s hard work and dedication for a number of internationally important causes, had her along with several other students from throughout Jacksonville, recognized by the City Council during a recent private ceremony.  She also recently took part in the Federation’s Super & Thank You Sunday campaign video, which helped raise funds for the 2016 Annual Campaign.
                The younger Zimmerman's accolades were solely based on her own merit and hard work, both as a student and within our Jewish world. The Federation chose to honor Brooke after hearing about her work fundraising for 'Innovation: Africa', a project designed to bring fresh drinking water to communities in the continent using Israeli technology. This project became a passion of hers' as she was preparing to become a Bat-Mitzvah just two years ago because it supports people in need and shows other countries the important work Israel is doing to help others around the world. 
                Brooke’s love for Israel developed after her father took her and her sister Leah on a Federation Family Mission a few back. All told, the two sisters and their father have now participated in a pair of Israel missions as those trips have become one of the current president's biggest passions over the years as a member of Federation leadership. 
                Zimmerman is an honor’s student at Bolles and spent several years prior in competitive travel cheerleading.  She is currently on the JV crew team and cheerleading squad at her high school and can be expected to lead the cheer for Israel and our entire Jacksonville Jewish community for years to come.