Kenvin explains how to create your own personal brand at Women's Division annual Champagne Brunch


Women's Division Director


                In early January more than 100 ladies in the Jacksonville Jewish community gathered for the Women's Division annual Champagne Brunch. This event is the women's kickoff to the Federation Annual Campaign and the featured guest this year was motivational speaker, Debbie Kenvin, who shared her personal story of her childhood struggles with obesity and low-self esteem. Kenvin also spoke of what it was like to grow up as the only hearing person in her entire family, as at a very young age, she learned sign language and was tasked with interpreting the world for her entire family. In doing so, she was exposed to prejudice, hateful comments and stares as much of the outside world did not understand and support her family's disability. Her talk, titled 'Create Your Personal Brand: Learn to be Extraordinary at Any Age', focused on the steps one can take to be the happiest and most fulfilled at every stage of life. Another inspiring Women's Division event is upcoming, so mark your calendars for Thursday, May 19, as the annual Girlfriend Connection is scheduled to take place.