By Jewish Community Alliance


In July of 2016, David started working with Wellness Connexion Wellness Coach Amaris Chrispell with the goal of losing weight and hopefully mitigating some weight-related health problems he was experiencing. In the intervening years, after periods of progress and setbacks, he was recently able to finally reach his wellness goals.

“On April 30, 2017, David was at this highest weight, at least with me," said Chrispell. "He’d lose some then gain it back and more, but he kept coming to his appointments with me. Most people when they set out to do something and have a setback, they don’t return. David did.” 

Determined to fight for his goals, David continued to meet with Chrispell for wellness guidance and plug away at his progress. This past April, almost exactly a year since he reaffirmed his goals with Chrispell, David reached the milestone of having lost one hundred pounds. Through his hard work, he has been able to resolve some of his health issues and gain a new outlook on his state of wellness. This is just one of many success stories from people who have had the opportunity to visit the JCA Baptist Wellness Connexion.

In 2015, the JCA partnered with Baptist Health to launch the Wellness Connexion, a service aimed at increasing the wellness of JCA members and the community through personalized wellness guidance and education. In the past three years, this free service has helped thousands from the community reach higher personal health awareness and take steps toward reaching their wellness goals.
“Both Baptist and JCA are committed to helping build better lives for our community members,” remarked JCA Executive Director Myron Flagler. “The responsibility for enhanced wellbeing of the community belongs to everyone. We’re just one vessel for the people to do this and do it in a meaningful way.”

For many who use its services, the Wellness Connexion has become the first step to bridging the gap between personal health awareness and wellness enhancement. The core services, including a free, online, confidential wellness assessment and biometric screenings with one of the Wellness Coaches, continue to be a strong program that brings in new users of Wellness Connexion services as well as those seeking to track their progress. Along with Chrispell, Wellness Coach Cheryl Meyer guides those seeking greater levels of wellness toward attainable goals.

“It feels like we are making a difference,” said Meyer. “We definitely see people taking strides in their health.”

Meyer can recount her own list of success stories, most recently from a great response to her Healing Touch program. Through the Wellness Connexion, more and more people from the community are looking to take charge of their wellness. And like David, change their lives.