Jacksonville’s Torah High School makes history as it opens its doors   


By Jacksonville Torah High School


The first day of the new school year is always exciting, but it was especially momentous on Aug. 14 at Jacksonville’s Torah High School. That’s because the Jacksonville Jewish community took great pride in the city’s first orthodox high school officially opening. Mrs. Kineret Weiss spearheaded the foundation of the school and serves as administrator and head of school. Mrs. Weiss recently moved to Jacksonville from Israel with her husband, Rabbi Ephraim Weiss and family. She quickly recognized the need to establish a high school and began working tirelessly on the project. As a starting point and in order to meet existing community needs, the school accommodates female students at this time.


Guided by the steady and generous support from the community, the Jacksonville Torah High School opened this school year with four students and tremendous optimism mixed with boundless energy. Its Mrs. Weiss’ future goal to provide “any Jewish student a highly accredited high school program in a warm, Jewish environment.”  At Torah High, students can receive a quality education through innovative small group instruction. A small student to teacher ratio ensures student success and the curriculum is individualized, recognizing that every student learns at a different pace and through different learning styles.            


The staff of a highly talented team of rabbis and teachers guides the students in Judaic studies. For secular studies, they utilize a virtual school program, which enables each student to work at her own pace, both with accelerated tracks as well as tailored assistance wherever there are difficulties, all while earning a highly accredited degree. An inviting, nurturing classroom environment encourages the students to be creative as they learn and grow. Their educational foundation includes the essential tenets of Judaism and a secular education par excellence. Students are encouraged to be creative, imaginative thinkers, as they become involved in academic and social activities that will build self-confidence and self-motivation.

 Weiss works closely with parents to address their children's different levels and unique way of learning in a warm, nurturing environment. Jacksonville Torah High’s mission is to assist students to become lifelong learners and become productive, responsible citizens. To learn more about Jacksonville Torah High and to learn how you can be a part of this historic moment, visit jaxtorahhigh.com or send an email to jaxtorahhigh@gmail.com.