Israeli teen delegation is a big hit during recent visit to Jax


Israeli Partnership Director


                For two weeks in July, Jacksonville played host to an incredible teen delegation and their chaperone from our Partnership city of Hadera, Israel. The Israelis enjoyed their interactions with campers at many of our local Jewish Day Camps including the JCA Theater Camp and Camp Sabra, Camp Sheves Achim at Etz Chaim and also at Camp Ki Tov at the Jacksonville Jewish Center. In addition to working at the camps, the teens shared an evening of music with the residents at The Coves and experienced many fun local outings including The Great Escape Room, a historic tour of St. Augustine, a Peterbrooke Chocolate class and a painting afternoon at Yes You Canvas.  During their stay, the delegation and their host teens attended services at The Temple, Jacksonville Jewish Center and Etz Chaim.  Their trip was capped off with a special day at Universal Studios Orlando.

                One teen, Gili Hornung shared that this "opportunity to travel to the United States was a chance to see everything new but also to see that we all share the same connection," and that "This experience has totally changed my way of thinking."  Amit Hacohen, another teen said that "this Partnership is not just one-sided, as it's important for Americans to travel to Israel, but we need to come here and make this connection, too."

                A huge thank you goes out to the Lantinberg, Osher, Rosin-Borrousch, Sims, and Wright families for opening their homes and doing such a fabulous job of hosting the delegation.  A special thank you is given to all of our host teens who interacted with the delegation and helped them learn more about the United States, Jacksonville and about the beauty of this special partnership that we share with our brothers and sisters in Israel.  
                Delegation chaperone, Gal Karablikov shared that during his time here he really felt a sense of community because, "In Israel, Jews are everywhere and here (in Jacksonville) we feel like the people work hard to make this a strong Jewish community."