Debbie Kenvin to talk about creating your own personal brand at annual champagne brunch          

Women's Division Director

            On Sunday, Jan. 10 at 10 a.m., at the Marriott Southpoint the Federation Women’s Division will feature Debbie Kenvin at the annual Champagne Brunch. Join event co-chairs, Lauren Block and Mauri Mizrahi to hear Debbie’s inspirational story and words of advice and encouragement for women of all ages in her talk, 'Create Your Personal Brand: Educate & Empower Yourself to be Extraordinary at Any Age'. Traditionally, this program is open to all adult women in our Jewish community. However, this year, Debbie’s topic is also very relevant for teenage girls. If you have an 11th or 12th grade girl in your family, whether it be a daughter, granddaughter, niece, etc, we welcome and encourage them to attend this event with you.
            Growing up as the only hearing member of her family, Debbie Kenvin learned how to reach out and connect to different types of people and personalities at a very young age. Her grandparents, parents, sister and uncle were all deaf and she was tasked with interpreting the outside world for her entire family. She alone saw how strangers mocked her relatives and had to cope with the challenges of this unique situation. Additionally, Debbie battled with obesity and was the only Jewish student in her school. In 2008, Kenvin founded Savvy and Chic, a personal empowerment and development organization that works to empower girls and women to reach their highest potential, which was achieved through summer camps, after-school programs, education workshops and individual coaching sessions. 
            As CEO, she developed 120 education modules using the latest research that measured statistical data on all types of teenage issues including but not limited to, bullying, social media, reputation, owning your power, self-identity and self-worth. In additional to S&C, she also founded Empowerment Partners, a nonprofit organization dedicated to strengthening the entire community by increasing awareness and leadership for those living in low-to-moderate income communities. Empowerment Partners was designed to help develop a true personal brand by teaching life skills and tools needed to make one’s own choices to be authentic, motivated, confident and inspirational to those around them. Because of her work, in 2012, Kenvin was selected as one of Jewish Women’s International (JWI) '10 Women to Watch' .
            Kenvin has observed that, “Women seem to get a reputation, while men get a brand", and that "At every stage of life, women can decide to either rebrand, or stay in the same place." Currently, she is the Executive Vice President of Krown Manufacturing and lobbies to help make the United States a more accessible place for people with disabilities, and is a blogger for the Huffington Post on Social Impact.

             "I am looking forward to being inspired by our incredible speaker and spending time with women from all over Jacksonville who support the work of the Jewish Federation of Jacksonville,” Mizrahi said. She and Block are joined by event committee members: Beth Angelo, Rebecca Bennett, Dina Fetner, Holly Emas, Karen Gare, Risa Herman, Stacy Leach, Lynn Maiman, Faye Mizrahi, Rachel Morganthal, Michelle Pargman, Marcy Sandler and Chase Zimmerman.

            The Champagne Brunch costs $36 per person to attend with a minimum pledge of $52 to the 2016 Annual Campaign, if you have not already made a pledge. To purchase your ticket and make your pledge, go to or call 904-448-5000, ext. 209. For more information about the Women’s Division, contact Erin Cohen at 904-448-5000, ext. 205.