Shlicha Dana Marmari educates Torah Academy students on important Israeli holidays


By Torah Academy of Jacksonville


In honor of Yom HaZikaron and Yom HaAtzmaut, Torah Academy of Jacksonville was fortunate to benefit from one of the Jacksonville Jewish community’s most invaluable resources, our very own Shlicha, Dana Marmari. In early May, Marmari led the upper school in an interactive, multimedia assembly. She taught students about the history of the founding of the Israeli State and explained the sacrifice that so many of our brethren made to protect Jewish lives. The rest of the morning found the Kfar Saba native moving from class to class, teaching the younger students about the Israeli holidays through hands-on projects, stories and age-appropriate discussion. Finally, all students were presented with gold and white wristbands emblazoned with the words ‘Yerushalayim shel zahav’ engraved in Hebrew. Students found the experience informative and entertaining, but most importantly, engaging.


Then, in late April, for the commemoration of Yom HaShoah, students in third through eighth grade at the Torah Academy of Jacksonville watched the riveting documentary ‘Rescue & Neglect’, recounting the efforts of a small group of dedicated Kahal workers in America who labored day and night to save lives, while Washington and the free world shut their doors on Jewish refugees from Europe. This documentary was produced the Zechor Yemos Olam Program of Torah Umesorah. Teachers in the younger grades also discussed the significance of this day with their students.