Cohen Gerrol shares inspiring Birthright to re-birth story at annual Girlfriend Connection


Women's Division Director


                In mid-May, more than 100 women came together for the 11th Annual Women's Division Girlfriend Connection. Hosted at the Jacksonville Jewish Center, and co-chaired by Marjie Rogozinski and Diane Rothstein, the evening was filled with laughter, learning and love. Guests were educated and entertained by speaker, Rachel Cohen Gerrol, who has a remarkable gift for storytelling. Her talk entitled, 'From Birthright to Re-Birth: My Unexpected Journey to Judaism', was a story of the personal and professional journey she has been on ever since traveling to Israel with Birthright Israel in 2000. She made audience members laugh, cry and most importantly, think of the limitless possibilities they all have as philanthropists in the community.

                During the event, Kimberly Sisisky was presented with the Kipnis-Wilson/Friedland Award certificate and will receive the actual award at the International Lion of Judah Conference this September for her exemplary leadership and philanthropic commitment to the Jacksonville Jewish community. The certificate was presented by her daughters, Blair Sisisky Sherman and Kendall Sisisky Valliere.

                A big thank you goes out the event committee for helping putting on the evening, who along with Rogozinski and Rothstein made the night so special. Event committee members include Arlene Adelson, Shirley Bielski, Stacey Blum, Wendy Efron z''l, Lynn Maiman, Jenn Neuman, Michelle Pargman, Debbi Pataky, Lauren Rickoff, Melanie Setzer, Talie Zaifert and Eunice Zisser. Additionally thanks is given to the Girlfriend Connection patron sponsors, Arlene Adelson, Beth Angelo, Shirley Bielski, Merle Cherry, Linda Franzblau, Risa Herman, Marilyn Mass, Jenn Neuman, Jen Plotkin, Barbara Resnick, Jeanine Rogozinski, Marjie Rogozinski and Christy Rosen. For more information about getting involved with the Federation Women's Division, contact Erin Cohen at(904) 448-5000 x205 or