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Music 2Gether Project

The Music 2Gether Project offered an opportunity for interested musicians to submit original works of music to be featured in a collaborative CD produced back in early 2015. Aaron Abel of Jacksonville, Florida and Noa Sabach of Hadera, Israel met while Noa was visiting on a Partnership Teen Delegation during the summer of 2014 and found they both had a passion for music. When this project was announced, they decided to join forces - Aaron created the original music and Noa added the lyrics. Although separated by 6000 miles, Noa and Aaron composed an absolutely beautiful song together.
After the CD was produced, Aaron shared his and Noa's original composition with Rachel Clifton, Choral Director at The Bolles School, the school where Aaron attends in Jacksonville, Florida. She instantly loved the song for both its melody and meaningful lyrics. Entitled K'she egdal - When I Am Grown, the song shares one girl's hope for future peace and understanding in her country. Mrs. Clifton took the piece of music and arranged it chorally for the Bolles Men's Chorus.
After many weeks of teaching the song to the class this past fall, Mrs. Clifton and Aaron felt the men were ready to perform it at the Annual Winter Choral Concert held on December 10, 2015. The Bolles Men's Chorus did an incredible job performing this song and left the audience speechless. What Aaron and Noa did through the creation of this song is incredible - they have demonstrated the beauty and true meaning of Partnership. 

K'she-egdal כשאגדל

Music by Aaron Abel, Lyrics by Noa Sabach