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Israel Partnership (also known as Partnership2Gether) connects regions in Israel with specific Jewish communities outside of Israel.  Established by the Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI) in 1995, over 500 Diaspora communities have been matched with forty-five regions in Israel to bring Jewish people closer together as equal partners on joint projects and activities. 


In Jacksonville, Israel Partnership is a branch of the Jewish Federation of Jacksonville that seeks to create people to people connections with the Jewish members of our community and the Jewish members of our partnered communities in the Southeast Consortium and in Hadera-Eiron, Israel.  We have joined together with other communities in the Southeast United States including Charlotte, Nashville, Knoxville, Chattanooga, Richmond, Pinellas, Volusia County and Fort Myers to create the Southeast Consortium.


Israel Partnership is committed to creating meaningful, lifelong bonds between Israelis and Diaspora Jews.  We organize and offer programs for members of all different ages in our community to have the opportunity to learn and interact with Israelis both here and in Israel.  Our programs include teen summer travel and host exchanges, educator exchanges, physician and firefighter exchanges and partnered classrooms in our local Jewish schools.  These connections deepen Jewish identity and strengthen our resilience as a people by demonstrating that Jews everywhere are part of the same family and are responsible for each other.  


If you would like to get involved with Israel Partnership or want more information about any of our programs, please contact

Jill Abel at 904.448.5000 ext. 1200 or jilla@jewishjacksonville.org


For information about programs offered by Partnership click HERE.