The Israel Partnership Program (Partnership2Gether) is an opportunity for members of the Jewish community in Jacksonville to make people to people connections with Israelis living in our Partnership city of Hadera-Eiron, Israel. We create programs and projects where Jacksonville Jews and Israelis can learn together, travel together, and share common interests in unique platforms. Our programs include Educator Exchanges, Teen Summer Exchange Programs, Young Leadership Programs, Artist Projects, Physicians Delegations, Music Programs, Firefighters Exchanges and Running Delegations. We share this sister city with nine other U.S. Southeast communities so through our programming, we have the opportunity to make connections with both American and Israeli Jews.


How we make a difference


Over the past 18 years that Jacksonville has been participating in the Israel Partnership Program, we have made a difference in the lives of all our participants. Teens and families say they have lifelong friends who have become their family in Israel. We have had runners travel to Israel for a half-marathon and share that they found a piece of themselves they didn’t even know was missing.


We have brought Israel to Jacksonville and we have changed the lives of our participants by introducing them to the people of Israel not just the country and the sites there. We have assisted in building bridges between the people in Jacksonville and the people in Hadera we have provided the opportunity for true, meaningful and lasting relationships with our brothers and sisters in Israel.


If you would like to get involved with Israel Partnership or want more information about any of our programs, please contact Jill Abel at 904.224.1445 or


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“I love my work as the Israel Partnership Director at the Jewish Federation of Jacksonville. I get to facilitate connections between the residents of Jacksonville and the residents of Hadera-Eiron, Israel. I am so lucky to watch as the people in our community discover how special and meaningful it can be to make friends with our brothers and sisters in Israel. While there is a great distance that separates us, we always find that we have more in common than we ever imagined. The Israel Partnership Program brings the idea to life through our programs and projects. It helps our community to develop a closer relationship with Israel and our residents to develop a deeper sense of Jewish identity and connection with the Israeli people.”

– Jill Abel, Israel Partnership Director