Executive Director's Message

Executive Director Alan Margolies' message

Campaign Kickoff Event

This summer we were fortunate to partner with our local synagogues and agencies to create and present two successful community-wide events: the Israel solidarity event and the Rich Recht concert.

Federation now invites everyone in the community to our 2015 Campaign Kickoff Event, which will…

Sound of Many Waters

The Sound of Many Waters - an exhibit from talented artists of our Southeast Consortium and Israel Partnership region - will be on display at the Jewish Community Alliance beginning today, Sept. 5. Jacksonville is part of the Southeast Consortium that includes Nashville, Richmond, Charlotte,…

Talking to our college-age children

A message to share with our college-age young people:

As the young members of the community return to campus this fall, they may be confronted with anti-Israel messages. We want to reach out to our kids and provide them with information they can use to respond in a knowledgeable way.


Emergency Campaign Effort

Dear Friends:

Last Friday I wrote to you from Jerusalem. Sadly, there is little, if any, progress as hundreds of rockets continue to be fired into Israel. Below is a letter to the editor sent to the Times-Union.

On our national mission co-chaired by Federation Past President Dr. Scot Acker…

Stop the sirens

During these frightening and life-threatening times, our international partners are working round the clock providing what is literally life-saving services to the residents in the southern part of Israel. Please consider making a donation.